Privacy Policy Statement

K.K. PRIME INC. is the company to serve the society by connecting general public and business entities through its corporate objective――promotion of various business collaboration and its introduction. During execution of the corporate objective, the company may need to collect certain information through which specific person can be identified (“Privacy Information--PI”) and the company considers it obvious and the most important obligation of the company to collect, process and use the PI properly. To clarify this obligation, the company establishes and hereby declares its fair execution of this “Privacy Policy” of the company.

On observance of the laws and regulations on privacy

We declare to observe laws and regulations relevant to the privacy

On collection, usage and disclosure of the PI

Upon collection of PI, we clearly define objectives and storage period of the PI, declare them to the subject consumers, and carry out the collection, using proper and fair method. Since the PI collection itself is NOT our corporate objective, we process collected PI to the stage that no third party can identify a person from the processed information, use them for unidentified manner and purpose (such as estimation of group buying behaviors) and do not offer collected PI to any third party.

On safety of stored PI

We store smallest amount of collected PI for shortest period to achieve the declared objective of the subject PI. The company carries out the most effective organizational, personal and physical safety precautions and uses the most effective safety technologies against unfair access, malware and virus, etc.

On relevant reference and objections

Any party who wishes to contact the company for the relevant reference and possible objections is requested to contact:

April 1, 2010

Yu Makiuchi, President

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