Partner List

   Yu Makiuchi (77)

  BS from Fisheries School, Fac. of Agriculture , University of Tokyo, 
      majoring Fisheries Chemistry
  Nichirei/CPC Int’l/Techno-Venture/RSA Japan/VetiSign Inc.
  Business in Japan and USA
  Venture Capitalist,  Biotechnology

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   Tatsuo Bando (57)

  MS from Technology Graduate School, Waseda University, 
      majoring Electric Engineering
  Panasonic (Tech. Div./Fax Lab./Matsushita E. Lab./IIP 
      Comm/Standard Lab.
  Business in Japan, China, North America and EU
  Internet, Fax developmt.,Inter-dec/interna’l collaborative R&D

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   Masaru Shimizu (77)

  BS from Chemistry School, Fac. of Science, University of Tokyo, 
      majoring Chemical Science
  Maruzen Oil/Cosmo Bio(As the leader, responsible for rapid 
      growth of new bio venture as oil companies’ internal venture)
  Venture Businessman, Petro-chemical, Biotechnology

   Tadao Morikawa (77)

  BC from Business School, Meiji University
  Business in Japan and USA
  Venture Businessman,  Trading and Overseas Operation

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